Welcome to another Rodgers & Hammerstein Classic – ‘Oklahoma’ at the Cambridge Arts Theatre, with the same team the bought you ‘South Pacific’. Below has all the audition information that you need. Please contact us if you would like to book an audition slot or if you would like copies of the audition material using caos_auditions@yahoo.co.uk or the contact page. We will email you the audition information and any material you require.

Director’s Note


I’m back and ready for another fun time to create our production of ‘Oklahoma’ which is my favourite R&H. I’m looking forward to working with everyone, both existing members and new people and am keen to get going.

Some of you will know I’m all about telling a story and rooting what we do in truth and so what I’m looking for from everyone is that you come and be yourself and have fun! The show has some great characters and songs that have to be delivered as if it’s a brand-new musical – as a creative team we want to be excited by your performances. I’m looking to create a company that will spend the next few months working with Emma and Lucas and I to create our production – it’s a company not principals and ensemble.

This is a full on Dancing, Singing and Acting show and we’re looking for people who will fully immerse themselves into it, bringing an exciting energy to our company.

Regarding auditions, in this pack we’ve listed the songs we wish to hear for each part. You’ll also have noticed that I’ve asked everyone who’s auditioning to take part in the ensemble audition: the reason for this is that everyone needs to be able to move and work in their ‘community’, which the show is all about. This time we will include some short pieces of dialogue in the audition which we’ll supply on the audition days, though how you deliver the song is the main part of your audition!

I look forward to seeing you all over the next couple of weeks at the auditions and then in rehearsals.




Principal Characters & Audition Songs

Character Audition Song Pages Notes
Curly Oh, what a beautiful mornin’ 16-20
People will say we’re in love 84-87 Curley’s verse and chorus
Laurey Williams Many a new day 63-69
Out of my dreams 111-113
Ali Hakim It’s a scandal! It’s a outrage! 77-83 Include lines for men
Aunt Eller The farmer and the cowman 147-149 From “I’d like to say a word…”. Include Ado-Annie and Carnes lines.
Will Parker Kansas City 37-42 First verse and refrain
Ado Annie Carnes I can’t say no! 52-56 With trio and repeat
Jud Fry Lonely room 99-103
Ensemble Ladies Out of my dreams 108-109
Ensemble Men Oklahoma 185-191


There are various other small cameo roles in the production, however these will be cast through the process of ensemble auditions or at the start of rehearsals – you may also be offered a cameo role even if you’ve not auditioned for one.

Everyone auditioning for a principle role will also be taking part in the ensemble audition.

Ensemble Auditions

We will be doing a workshop audition for ensemble, which will involve learning a short routine as well as a song (led by Lucas), as the show require a lot of movement and significant harmony singing.

Please come in suitable clothes and ready for a routine.

Auditions Times and Locations

Sunday 22nd June – Castle End Mission, CB3 0AE

1:00-2:00- female ensemble
2:10-2:25 – dance workshop
2:30-3:30- male ensemble
3:30-5:30- principal auditions (10min slot)

Sunday 13th July – Haslingfield Village Hall, CB23 1JP

1:00-2:00- female ensemble
2:10-2:25 – dance workshop
2:30-3:30- male ensemble
3:30-5:30- principal auditions (10min slot)

* if you can’t make these days don’t worry there will be another date announced soon

You will be given a separate Audition Form that you need to complete and bring with you to your audition. If you can also bring a photo, it would be a huge help. Below are the dates for rehearsals, it is really useful for us to know before we start rehearsals which dates people cannot do so we can plan the rehearsal schedule around this so please have a think about it (the calendar below is an image so you are able to save it and print it out).

Rehearsal dates you CAN NOT do

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