Cambridge Operatic Society (CaOS) is a friendly and sociable Cambridge based musical theatre company who perform an annual staged production under a professional director, often with a full orchestra.  

In addition to this we try and run other activities throughout the year; in 2021 we ran our first ever Masterclass series led by musical theatre industry professionals.

As a Charitable Incorporated Organisation we are governed by a constitution that sets out how we operate. We also have policies covering areas such as Health and Safety, Child Safeguarding, Diversity and Inclusion, and Data Protection.

Our charitable aims are to educate the public in the dramatic and operatic arts, to further the development of public appreciation and taste in the said arts, and to assist and further such charitable institutions and purposes as the committee shall from time to time determine.

The society, established in 1910, has gone from strength to strength and enjoys taking on big musical and classical shows to wow our audiences with the best of the local talent, impressive sets, costume, design and direction.

For many years we have performed at the Cambridge Arts Theatre. Many acknowledge our shows as being to the high standard of a professional production you would see on the West End, so if you haven’t seen one of our shows make the next one your first!

We love welcoming new members to dance, act, sing or be a part of the show production. Each show is cast by audition (not nearly as frightening as it sounds). Audition details are circulated to Society members initially and then more widely via social media.

Rehearsals usually take place on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays at various venues across Cambridge. A detailed rehearsal schedule is issued although not all cast are called to every rehearsal.

The Committee

Committee members run Cambridge Operatic Society throughout the year, most having specific areas of responsibility ranging from organising committee meetings through to paying the bills. This is important, voluntary work that often goes unnoticed but is crucial to the continued existence of the Society.

The committee chair usually acts as producer for our annual Cambridge Arts Theatre production, with the business manager underpinning this by leading on operational matters. Other committee members also tend to undertake key production roles – some whilst also being cast in the show!

Each member of the committee is also a trustee for the Charitable Incorporated Organisation. Our current Charity Trustee’s are as follows:

Anna Murgatroyd – Chair
Sam Fuller – Business Manager
Caroline Dyson – Treasurer
Janice Chambers – Secretary
Serey Grayling – Marketing Manager
Caroline Watson – General Member
Ash Smith – General Member
Katie McGinty – General Member