Priscilla audition information

Audition bookings have now closed, however if you missed the deadline and would like to contact the team please send an e-mail to

On this page you’ll find sections covering:

  • The Audition Information Pack
  • The Audition Booking Supplementary Form
  • Videos of the dance audition piece to be pre-rehearsed

Audition Information Pack

We have produced an information pack that includes important details about the audition process as well as the rehearsal period and the show itself.

Click here to open the Information Pack

Click here to access the online audition booking form

Audition Booking Supplementary Form (providing a headshot)

It’s important that the supplementary form, linked below, is completed alongside the online audition booking form. This is to ensure a headshot is available for our audition panel to help with the casting process.

The supplementary form should be printed and brought with you to your audition.

Click here to download the Audition Booking Supplementary form

Dance audition videos

Auditionees will be asked for perform a pre-rehearsed dance piece. You can choose either the Movers or Dancers choreography, with the latter being more advanced.

Movers choreography:

Dancers choreography: